Great news!

Skill Based Leveling System, or SBLS, has been updated to version 1.1.

What’s included in this version?

Firstly, we’ve removed all javascript files that were in the package to be compliant with Unity’s 2018 releases, and we’ve done a small amount of refactoring of the code.
We’ve added an extra getProgress method for both the character and skills that will return a value between 0 and 1. This makes is easier to make progress bars with Unity UI and NGUI.

On top of that, we’ve completely destroyed the demo scene and added a brand new one, which brings the overall package size down from over 94MB to 914Kb. There was a lot of high resolution textures and models that didn’t need to be there, so we’ve simplified the demo scene.

What’s next for SBLS?

We are planning a major update which will change the way certain things are handled, namely events.
Currently, SBLS uses SendMessage, which is great if you only want to use it on the one component, but you don’t normally have your UI Controller on the same object as your character. We want to move towards and events system, so you can have specific components listen for certain events from SBLS. This will be the main chunk of the next release.

You can get SBLS – Skill Based Leveling System from the Unity Asset Store.

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